The HAVEN Basics

Use distilled water to blend liquid concentrates.

HAVEN has great respect for the value of water. It's a readily available, local resource, so we don't want to waste money and fossil fuels shipping it when our concentrates are so easy to blend at home.

We recommend using distilled water to top off your liquid concentrates for best performance. Tap, filtered and spring water contain trace minerals that can leave behind a residue. Distilled water is free of impurities and available at most any grocery store or pharmacy.

Wash and dry bottles between refills.

Taking care to wash your bottles and closures between refills ensures a nice, long life for your sprayers and dispensers. Use warm, soapy water to clean your bottles, then pump the soapy water through sprayers and closures. Dry thoroughly and refill.

Shake it, spray it.

Our linen sprays and cleaners are free of added emulsifiers because a simple shake of the wrist is the most natural mixing tool around.

Slight separation of oils may occur, so simply shake before each use.

Get the most out of your products.

At HAVEN, we believe that if products use high quality, natural ingredients, you won't need dozens of different cleaners for every surface in your home.

Our quality, natural products are extremely versatile, so you can clear out the contents of your cleaning cabinet and replace it with just a few highly multipurpose products.

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