HAVEN + VersAbility // Powered By People With Disabilities

HAVEN is a small company passionate about creating truly natural, sustainable products for homes and families. When I became a mother a couple of years ago, I used some of those sweet, hours-long newborn naps to re-envision how to use HAVEN to make a broader impact.

So, in Spring of 2017, my husband and I moved our family from a hectic life in Brooklyn and re-settled in beautiful, coastal Virginia. On day three in our new town, I began searching for a local partner with passion.

Enter VersAbility Resources, a unique non-profit that employs people living with disabilities that excels at contract fulfillment services.

Proceeds from our work together benefit early intervention programs for children living with disabilities, as well as neighborhood-based community homes and a whole host of other great causes.

Production assistants help partner people with HAVEN projects and helpful tools are specially designed in house to help ensure the finished product is perfect. Spending time with the amazing people there has been a joy and I'm excited to watch the partnership bloom.

Please consider donating to this important cause or support a similar non-profit in your town. Thank you for your support!