Are your products safe for families with pets, kids or people with allergy sensitivities?

Absolutely! We're called HAVEN for a reason: products use ingredients derived from natural sources that are non-GMO and organic wherever available. You'll recognize every pure ingredient and always feel free to reach out if you have any questions.

Can your Laundry Suds be used in High Efficiency (HE) washers? 

Yup! Suds are specially formulated to work with traditional washers and HE machines. Strong natural powders penetrate deeply into fabrics, removing previous synthetic detergent residues as well as stains and odors.

Top-loading washers may require up to 1/4 cup of Suds per load for heavy washes.

HE washers can often use just a 1/2 scoop for lightly soiled loads.

Check out tips for getting the most out of your Suds in our Creative Cleaning Guide!

Are your Laundry Suds safe for cloth diapers?

They are! Our Suds deep clean with all natural powders that don't leave behind residue and help to restore and soften fibers.

We recommend washing cloth diapers 2-4 times with Suds before first use to remove all detergent residues and restore full absorbency.

Check out tips for getting the most out of your Suds in our Creative Cleaning Guide!

What is the shelf life of HAVEN products?

We recommend using HAVEN products within one year of purchase for best performance and maximum aromatherapy benefits.

How do I care for my hand pump and pour spout dispensers?

Like all simple machines, a little basic maintenance between refills will keep our dispensers working like new. We also have recommendations for what products work best with your dispenser. Check out our care tips here!

The HAVEN Basics

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