Soap Dispenser Care & Maintenance

Hand Pumps

Hand pumps are simple machines that get a lot of daily use. Like all machines, they perform best with some basic maintenance. Follow these tips to get the most out of your hand pump!

  • IMPORTANT: Keep pumps wiped free of standing water and excess product. The combination of standing water and soap can eventually wear down metal. This simple step will greatly extend the life of your dispenser.

  • We recommend using our hand pumps with HAVEN's all natural, non-clogging soap.

  • Commercial hand and dish soaps are typically made with synthetic detergents (even the natural brands). Detergents can corrode metal, so please follow maintenance tips between each refill.

If pumps become clogged or stiff, here's a simple way to restore original functionality!

      1. Remove pump from the bottle, use warm water to rinse entire pump and dip tube. Pump warm water through several times.
      2. Pour a half tablespoon olive oil or vegetable oil into a small dish. Place dip tube into oil and pump oil through several times.
      3. Drain oil from dip tube and wipe excess oil away.
      4. Tighten pump back onto filled bottle and pump product through several times until excess vegetable oil clears and it's ready for use!

            Pour Spouts

            Our gravity-weighted tip spout dispensers are built to last so you can kick the plastic dish soap bottle for good. Here are some suggestions for getting the most out of your spout. 
            • We've specially formulated HAVEN's non-clogging all natural soap to pour beautifully in our spout dispensers and recommend it for best performance.
            • Commercial soaps are made with synthetic detergents, which are very thick. You may dilute these detergents with a few ounces of filtered water until they pour smoothly. These are very concentrated soaps, so the water will not affect lathering.
            • Most other brands of castile soap are not formulated to be non-clogging and may also be diluted with a few tablespoons of distilled water until they pour smoothly.
            • Keep spouts wiped free of standing water and product. Hand wash and fully dry the spout in between each refill.