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Replace 30+ Products In Your Cabinet This Year!

 Take the LESS IS MORE resolution with HAVEN this year!

We're passionate about sustainability and are trying to take it to a whole new level for our customers. One of my biggest missions when I founded the company was to create a line of workhorse products so multi-use that customers could replace cabinets full of products with just a few bottles of HAVEN. 

I believe that when we use genuinely natural ingredients that humans have relied on for thousands of years, the products will not only work well but will also be safe enough to clean virtually any surface in your home without leaving toxic ingredients behind.

We don't need cheap synthetics, surfactants and fake scents; HAVEN only relies on help from Mother Nature.

With just one HAVEN Starter Kit and a refillable metal pail of our brand new Laundry Suds, you can replace up to 30+ different products cluttering your cabinets now!


Countertop & All Purpose Cleaner • Stone & Granite Cleaner • Bathroom, Tub & Tile Cleaner • Glass & Mirror Cleaner • Stainless Steel Cleaner • Laundry Pre-treater • Carpets & Upholstery Cleaner • Scouring Powder • Vegetable Wash • Metal Cleaner & Tarnish Remover • Jewelry Cleaner • Hand Soap • Dish Soap • Air Freshener • Sanitizing & Deodorizing Spray • Wood Polish • Furniture Dusting Spray • Mopping & Floor Cleaner • Oven Cleaner • Leather Conditioner • Laundry Soap • Delicates Clothing Soap • Oxygen Bleach • Fabric Softener • Ironing Spray • Clothing De-wrinkling Spray • Static Cutting Spray and much more! 



Now think of just a few great-looking and delicious-smelling products replacing all of the above. At HAVEN, we want to make natural, sustainable living the easiest and healthiest choice you'll make all year.


Happy New Year to all of our current and future HAVEN mavens and

thank you so much for another great year!

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