Laundry Suds — Wildwood — 120 Loads

HAVEN combines pure soap flakes and Earth-mined powders to make laundry time a fragrant and botanical experience. Scotch Pine, Lavender and Cedarwood essential oils blend to tackle germs and leave a light, fresh aroma on clothing.

Free of harsh detergents, dyes and fragrances, Laundry Suds tackle your toughest laundry and gentlest delicates to give you truly clean clothes.

Suds also work wonders on carpet and upholstery stains, just dissolve in warm water! Excellent for households with pets and children. Safe for cloth diapering.

Refill HAVEN's beautiful Laundry Suds pail with our easy refills, saving money and packaging waste!

Includes Refillable Metal Tin + Wooden Scoop + 4 lbs Laundry Suds

Cold Water Formula • Readily Biodegradable • For High Efficiency & Top-Load Washers

INGREDIENTS Baking Soda, Washing Soda, Sodium Percarbonate, Soap Flakes (Saponified from Non-GMO Coconut & Soybean Oils), Essential Oil Blend of Scotch Pine, Cedarwood and Lavender.

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